Summer Sprout 2020

Sprout Camp @ Roycemore School in Evanston: Click Here to Register

Sprout Summer Camp at Roycemore School will be held from 8:00 am – 11:00 am the following weeks:

  • June 22
  • July 29 (No Camp July 3)
  • July 6
  • July 13
  • July 20
  • July 27

Register Here: Sprout Gifted Summer 2020

We will meet in the school and utilize the space at Alexander Park to soak in the outdoors.  

Extended Day 11:00 until 6 pm is available through Roycemore School.  The Extended Day for Sprout Campers includes lunch, field trips, swimming lessons and much more!

Pricing Information can be found here.

Summer Camp @ St. Matthias School in Lincoln Square: Coming Soon!

What is Sprout Summer Camp? 

Sprout Summer Camp is a three-hour program (with options of extended care) focusing on the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the gifted child for students entering K-5 and Middle School.

Our summer camp is a wonderful extension of our after-school program. 

Open-ended free play: activities such as board games, imaginative play, crafts, and arts.

Topic of the day: exploratory projects designed to challenge each student to create and explore with an involved intensity.  

Students request topics of study! Some activities from last summer were rockets, chemistry, STEAM projects, paper måché, maker day, poetry, entrepreneurship, Pirateology, soap making, and much more.  

Daily Projects: Each day in Sprout camp we will look at new ways to explore, invent, and create with open-ended STEAM projects, maker days, messy projects, and lots of fun.

Because of our passion for gifted education, the possible areas that we study are endless. We provide opportunities for individual work and collaboration with peers. We give Sprout participants chances to share their work and even teach about topics that interest them.

Support: The teachers are there with the children in a small group setting to stimulate their inquisitive minds and to inspire them to persevere through challenges. Sometimes the project might fail, however, they are encouraged to be receptive to new ideas, and keep investigating solutions.

Snack: (provided to the campers)  The Sprout campers will be asked to bring a water bottle, wear sunscreen, and appropriate outside attire.

Socialization: more time to socialize, explore open-ended games and art, discover new board games, or play outside!

Why Sprout Summer Camp? 

During the summer months, your curious children don’t take a break! This is a great opportunity to be with other like-minded peers and explore topics that are of interest to your gifted child. 

Our small group setting gives your child the chance to be heard, listen, and collaborate with other people. Each day at Sprout Camp is different. We take the children where they want to go with their learning and give them ample to time to socialize in creative ways.

Each day of camp will focus on inspiring, exploratory projects that are open-ended and involve critical thinking, growth mindset, collaboration, and the creative process.  Projects are inspired by the student’s interests and curiosities about how things work and evolve.

We want to set the gifted child up for life lessons that will take them beyond the classroom and into the real world.