Sprout Summer

Our summer camp is a wonderful extension of our after school program.  Each day we begin the camp day with open-ended free play activities.  Then we delve into topics of interest and explore with much more involved intensity.  The Sprout Campers will explore a new topic each day.  The morning ends with more socialization time.

Snack is provided to the campers.  The Sprout campers will be asked to bring a water bottle, wear sunscreen, and appropriate outside attire. On rainy or extremely hot days we will be inside the old convent at St. Matthias.

Sprout Gifted’s goals are to nurture the gifted child’s social and emotional well-being, to provide a safe place for gifted children to be themselves, and discover in an open-minded environment. We strive to learn as much about the gifted child as we can, to expose gifted children to a wealth of experiences, and to guide gifted children to develop a love for lifelong learning.

Each camp day is three hours in length from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. The teachers are there with the children in a small group setting to stimulate their inquisitive minds and to inspire them to persevere through challenges. Sometimes the project might fail, however, they are encouraged to be receptive to new ideas, and keep investigating solutions. We want to set the gifted child up for life lessons that will take them beyond the classroom and into the real world. With our small group setting and low teacher to student ratio, the gifted child is sure to find his/her voice and explore to his/her fullest potential.

Some activities on our agenda this summer are rockets, chemistry, STEAM projects, paper mache, maker day, poetry, and much more.  Student requests are encouraged!

Summer Camp is offered two weeks in 2017 on St. Matthias’ Campus.  See Admissions for sign up and enrollment forms.

August 7-11 Sprout Camp  

Each day in Sprout camp we will look at new ways to explore, invent, and create with open-ended STEAM projects, maker days, messy projects, and lots of fun.

August 14 – 18  Literature and Literary Characters

As the Summer begins to close, the Sprout kids will begin to prepare for school readiness.  We will take a look at a few different literature pieces from fiction to non-fiction, mythology, fantasy fiction, historical fiction, and any student requests, then engage in writing, art, and STEM projects that relate to the pieces.

Sprout Summer

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