Sprout Summer Camp 2019

It is crazy to think we are halfway through our summer program! It is going by too quickly. I have enjoyed each and every moment with my camp groups. Each week we have new campers join in a mix of campers that are with us all summer and some that stop by for a day or two. It is great the way this multi age group works. They have been accepting of one another, inclusive, and encouraging!

I am attempting to play catch up on the blog so here is weeks 1-3 of Sprout Summer Camp at Roycemore School!

Week One: Oobleck and Super bouncy balls, Improv, Egg Drop Challenge, Self Care and Germs (DIY: Lip Balm and Hand Sanitizer), Pendulum Art. Through these topics, we discussed Science themes: chemistry and physics, character roles, design thinking, creativity and art.

We couldn’t have had such a fabulous week without our C.I.T’s Maddie, Macy and Robi. And thanks to my fabulous assistants, Ms. Korinne and Mr. Miles!

Week Two: Geode Crystals and Rock Candy, Kites, Illusions, Animal Experiments, and Coding. The focus for these projects ranged from following directions, scientific method, creativity, fine motor skills, patience and perseverance.

Thanks Ms. Korinne and C.I.T Robi for another great week!

Week Three: Magnetic Slime, Sprout’s Got Talent, Special Guest: Superhuman Mike Byster, Boat Challenge and Greek god’s and goddess’. Through these projects we focused application of new information, memory, open mindset, looking for patterns in numbers and words, fine motor skills, design thinking, public speaking, science concepts, and creativity.

Summer Sprout Photos

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