Sprout Camp!!!

It has been a wonderful couple of days at Sprout Camp on the St. Matthias Campus.  We are loving all the seasoned Sprouters and all of our new Sprout kiddos that have joined us for this week!  Yesterday, we began our day in teams of two with an indoor (so yucky and wet outside) scavenger hunt.  Each team looked for riddles, solved them, the re-hid the clues for the next group.  The first team to solve all 7 puzzles was the winner!  🙂 Sprout bragging rights!

Then we made ice cream in a bag!  It was cold, messy and delicious!!!!


Sir Isaac Newton has taught us that what goes up must come down and with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! Those statements were tested today with the interactions of vinegar and baking soda acting together to create pressure inside of a bottle causing the bottle (or cork) to push it’s way up in the air and gravity pulling it back down!  What fun we had today.

Then some of the kids made their own crazy volcanic explosions too!!!

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Judy Wahl has been in education for over 15 years. She has been an advocate for gifted learners since the moment she stepped into the classroom. She consults with families and schools in the Chicagoland area, is the Owner and Program Director of Sprout Gifted, an after school and summer program for Gifted Children K-6 in the Chicagoland area; as well as, a SENG facilitator, and a personal tutor. She advocates for all learners, understanding that each child has a different way of learning and a variety of needs to be met.

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