Sprout Camp Day One

IMG_0443Treasure Hunt – Ice Cream in a Bag – Lanyard and so much more!

Our first day of Sprout camp began with a treasure hunt.  This allowed the kiddos to work together and get to know each other.  They learned to take turns, decode, communicate, observe, and be patient.  Once they found the treasure, they had to decipher a four digit code to unlock the box and find a treasure of milk, ice and salt…SAY WHAT??? ” Ms. Wahl, I thought there was treasure in here for us?”  “Ahh, but there is you just need to put it all together!”  The children added their milk concoctions to the ice and salt and shook like crazy.  The salt lowered the freezing point of the ice and created an extra-cold brine that absorbs heat from the milk mixture, causing the mixture to freeze.  The shaking created smoother ice cream by breaking up large ice crystals and allowing the ice cream to freeze uniformly.

Some started with a good mixture but it quickly melted… patience again was virtue today!  But all in all, the ice cream in a bag was yummy!!!

The kids enjoyed time at the Winnemac playground then we headed back where Sofia taught the kiddos to tie lanyard.


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Judy Wahl has been in education for over 15 years. She has been an advocate for gifted learners since the moment she stepped into the classroom. She consults with families and schools in the Chicagoland area, is the Owner and Program Director of Sprout Gifted, an after school and summer program for Gifted Children K-6 in the Chicagoland area; as well as, a SENG facilitator, and a personal tutor. She advocates for all learners, understanding that each child has a different way of learning and a variety of needs to be met.

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