Science of Character

Our focus today was really amazing!  We not only talked about all of our character strengths but we also watched a film.  Take a look at the inspiration for today’s activity:

The Sprout kids really were engaged and participated in identifying their character strengths and honed in on character traits that they want to exemplify.  We agreed that having a Growth Mindset was better than a Fixed Mindset.  In order to continue to grow, we must accept failure and persevere through to the end.

St. Matthias: We didn’t have an opportunity to take pictures as Mr. Dan and I were too involved with the group playing the games and talking about how the games we played reflected the character traits we want to exhibit.  This group of kiddos are definitely full of humor!  We stopped a few times to think about how humor can affect others in a positive light and a negative light.  This was a great time to stop and think about how our actions affect other people’s characters too.  It was a really great lesson and lots of fun.


Take a look at the pictures from today!  After each game, we reflected on what character trait we used to participate in the game.  Take a look at the Periodic Table of Character Strengths


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