Wednesday in Sprout, the kiddos made a DIY air dry polymer clay mix using cornstarch, glue, and baby oil.  The Sprouters are using this clay to make landmarks for their imaginary realms.  Some have decided their landmark will be the portal to enter their world, others are creating statues and one kiddo is making a natural springs landmark.  Their ideas are really flourishing!

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In the Phantom Tollbooth reading group, the kiddos have been keeping track of idioms, imagery and interesting vocabulary.  One Sprouter wanted to add all the words to our interesting vocabulary chart because she thinks, “all words are interesting!”

In the second reading group, we read Roxaboxen.  In this story, we read about a group of kids that created an imaginary land near their home.  They met there summer after summer and created their own money system, town hall, and even created a war!  We really loved it.  Then each kiddo wrote down and illustrated the things they liked about the Roxaboxen world!

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