Judy Wahl

As an educational consultant, she works with Roycemore School as their gifted coordinator.  She workshops with other schools in the Chicagoland area, providing Professional Development and Curriculum support. She presented on Gifted Education in the Early Childhood classroom at the IAGC conference in 2017.  She sits on the board for The Midwest Academy for Gifted Education.  She is a member of the IAGC and the CGCC.

In her 15 plus years as an educator, she taught in Early Childhood and Elementary classrooms, and was also an Academic Director at an EC academy.  In these positions, she had opportunities to interface with parents, provided curriculum support in the schools, and help develop enrichment programs for EC and elementary students.  She believes in hands-on learning, design thinking, process over product, collaboration, and individual work, developing social skills, and understanding each child’s emotional well-being. Judy is excited about using her teaching experience, combined with her parenting, to work with the Sprout kids and continue to grow the program!

Judy has always strived to understand the dynamic character of gifted children and has continued to educate herself on gifted education.  She is a proud mother of a gifted son who graduated from an RGC in Chicago. He now attends LPHS and is a drama major following his pursuit of happiness on stage! She is also now a board member of FOLPHS and is thrilled to be a part of this community.

Judy is a SENG facilitator.  SENG is an amazing way to further understand your gifted child and meet other families that experience the same dynamics.  If you are interested in a SENG parent group, please contact Judy directly: judy@sproutgifted.org

Judy also offers private tutoring sessions for both academic support, acceleration, and enrichment.  When working in enrichment areas, Judy creates a program for that specific child based on their academic talents, challenges, and interests.  If you are interested in tutoring sessions, please email judy@sproutgifted.org.

She is trained in the SQ Write program by Michael Gladstein and has ample experience working with the Wilson Reading System® and Fundations®.

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