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How often do we hear this from our students?  I just heard it twice in a twenty-minute period.  Students are begging for a challenge.  Many students are looking for ways to move faster yet our system won’t allow this.  Too many teachers are afraid of the gaps.  Too many teachers are afraid to not get through the curriculum.  Too many teachers are afraid that their students won’t pass the exam, won’t get the grade, won’t get into college.

Who among you has stopped to think: wait, I am ok with this!  I am ok with my child being challenged, moved ahead and have a good, productive struggle.  Did the teacher ever ask me or my child, if my child would like to struggle?

I like when my kids say this is hard or I have to study to get the grade.  When I see my children work hard and there is a dip in a grade, I am ok with this.  If they don’t turn in the work and there is a dip, well that’s another blog.

School is about learning.  If a student says, “Challenge me! Move me forward.” Why are we not considering this?

I listen to kids say, “this is easy” and so I look for ways that might challenge that student. It’s frustrating to hear our educators say “They aren’t doing it right.” What is “right” for one is not “right” for all.

School should be about learning.  I don’t want every child to see the lesson in the same way.  I want everyone to show their understanding in a different way.  Let’s make school about learning.  Let’s help students feel like what they are learning is worthwhile.

Developmentally, students need the guidance of parents and trusted adults in their lives.  But have we looked at how we are forcing our children to go through the motions that don’t mean anything in the long run?

Let’s teach our kids to analyze the news not just hear it and hear one side of it!  Wouldn’t it be nice to teach our kids about politics so they will get out and vote and feel comfortable for whom they voted for? What is the Pythagorean theory and how does it work and how I might use it?

Gifted students have a wealth of knowledge.  Arguably some useful, some not. It would be nice if everyone was well rounded, but the truth is there are people that just focus on one or two ideas.  So how do we reach those kiddos? How do we show them they are part of our “well-rounded” world?  Why are we forced to have learning be one size fits all and if you can’t fit, you don’t belong?

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Judy Wahl has been in education for over 15 years. She has been an advocate for gifted learners since the moment she stepped into the classroom. She consults with families and schools in the Chicagoland area, is the Owner and Program Director of Sprout Gifted, an after school and summer program for Gifted Children K-6 in the Chicagoland area; as well as, a SENG facilitator, and a personal tutor. She advocates for all learners, understanding that each child has a different way of learning and a variety of needs to be met.

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