Today in Sprout, the Sprouters worked with a homemade paper-mache recipe of flour and water.  They got really messy and had a lot of fun! 🙂


Our focus today was to think about and begin developing the characters that would live in our imaginary realms.  This will help us as we continue to explore our books and learn more about other worlds.

In The Phantom Tollbooth Group, the Sprout kiddos read about Milo’s journey through the land of Dictionopolis where he encountered a Dog named Tock.  There will be more personified characters to come!

In the book, Weslandia, the Sprout kiddos heard about a boy named Wesley is a lot like Milo, he is looking for something to fill his summer vacation, so he invents his own new world in his own backyard.  Here he makes a new crop and uses the crop for many things including dishes, clothing and much more.  He involves the kids from the community and no longer feels like an outcast.  Through this book, the students took note of interesting vocabulary words and lots of imagery!


What a wonderful day we had today!  We ended the day outside – talking and playing.

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