Summer Sprout at Roycemore School – Take 2!

After learning about household products and their chemical reactions, the Sprout kids set off to make a non-newtonian fluid and then experimented with their own concoctions including slime, balloon “explosions”, an oozing fluffy potion nicknamed “elephant toothpaste” and much more.

Bottle Rockets! Always a favorite!!!

What a great way to learn about Newton’s third law of motion, momentum, and pressure then through a explosive project on bottle rockets!  By placing the right ratio of baking soda and vinegar inside a plastic bottle and then corking it and watching the chemical reaction take place was amazing fun!    

Summer Sprout at Roycemore School: Ice Cream in a bag!

Who doesn’t love this delicious way to see in action the changes in matter from a liquid to a solid in under ten minutes?!?  Topped with sprinkles and hot fudge, YUMMY!  

Break out day three!

Our Star Wars theme was a great chance for the kiddos to work as a team – collaborate and communicate!

Summer Sprout at Roycemore School!

We began our week with a scavenger hunt outside.  Then the kids made their own scavenger hunts, leading into day two!  First they picked a theme, next they brainstormed possible answers to go with the theme, and finally they made puzzles, riddles, codes, mazes, word scrambles and so much more!  Each kiddo had 4-7 itemsContinue reading “Summer Sprout at Roycemore School!”

Student Request: Potions and concoctions

The sprout Kids worked with several household ingredients to learn about density, non-Newtonian fluids, and chemical reactions to make lava bottles, oobleck, and super bouncy balls! Then they were set loose to come up with their own slimey creations!

Student Choice: Catapults!


Codes, riddles, and scavenger hunts

Fun start to our second week of sprout summer camp in Lincoln Square! We learned about Morse code and hieroglyphs. Then each camper made their own secret code. The older group made a scavenger hunt around the building while the younger group finished their codes. Then they went on the scavenger hunt!

Sprout Camp Week One comes to an end

It has been a super fast day week with our “Summer @ Sprout” group!  We ended the week with printmaking (and which inspired other painting) and finally with a student request: Egg Drop Challenge!