The Sprout kids loved taking a look at some of their favorite logos and seeing some hidden designs in them.  We talked about why companies brand themselves and how it helps consumers remember their product.  Then the Sprout kids created their own logo based on an interest or for their name.  Can you see any hidden designs?





What better way to learn about kinetic, potential and elastic energy in physics than through a DIY slingshot.  The Sprout students were given a cup, two rubber bands, 2ft of yarn, 2ft of tape, and a plastic spoon.  Then they were set off to create!

Paper Buildings


After discussing different architecture elements and the incorporation of shapes in their design, the Sprout kids set off to build a paper building, to be judged on height, strength (using scientific weights to hang off the sides) and creative design.  They could only use recycled magazine pages and masking tape.  Here are their creations:

‘Tis the Season

Socialization is key to our development at Sprout Gifted and understanding human behavior.  After discussion of the various holidays that the kids and their families were about to partake in, they made sentimental or useful gifts for someone special to them.  Some pretty cool ideas here!