I’m bored!

How often do we hear this from our students?  I just heard it twice in a twenty-minute period.  Students are begging for a challenge.  Many students are looking for ways to move faster yet our system won’t allow this.  Too many teachers are afraid of the gaps.  Too many teachers are afraid to not getContinue reading “I’m bored!”

Sprout @ St. Matthias School in Lincoln Square

We kicked off our camp week with a classic recyclable project!  We talked about landfills, biodegradable materials, harmful plastics and wasteful materials.  We looked at houses made from recyclable materials and then got inspired!  The Sprout kids were given ample recycled materials to sort through and they were asked to design something that is “useful!”Continue reading “Sprout @ St. Matthias School in Lincoln Square”

Accelerated Placement Act

Accelerated Placement Act — Read on http://www.iagcgifted.org/IL-Acceleration-Act What does this mean for your child?  How will we ensure that gifted children’s needs are met under this new Act?  Please leave your comments!