So much creativity these past few days! I can’t wait to see and read lots more new adventures in our Sprout Comic strips and graphic books!

Spring Sprout Session starts on Monday

We are excited to start our spring session on Monday. Mon, Wed, and Thurs have a few spaces open.

Student requests for this session:paper airplane challenges

Periodic table exploration


Map making

Sign language


Stained glass

And Sprouts Got Talent!

Inspirational Quotes

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Where do you find your inspiration?  Words are a very powerful tool.  We look to leaders in our world to help us think, motivate, and inspire us!  Our Sprout kiddos choose their own inspirations and some even wrote their own words of wisdom!!!



These Sprout kiddos got really creative in their structural designs. Many focused on creating an indoor space for animals while others were inspired by Star Wars. We even have an idea for a cork museum.



After looking at Chicago based architects and their styles. Then exploring unusual structures, the Sprout Kids designed their own spaces and built mini-models with recyclable materials.