Thanks to the creativity of Ana Dziengel at the Sprout kids and I were able to enjoy a great STEM activity!  Stixplosions!!!

This activity allowed us to focus on patience, perseverance, fine motor skills, trying new things, exploration, applying knowledge, working with a partner, and following multistep directions. 

Build a Dam

After discussing the recent flooding that has occurred in parts of the U.S., the Sprout kids set to work on building a water dam to withhold the strong current of water about to take over their town.  We had some success in this activity but it was a really difficult.  Most had to really channel their inner engineer and evaluate what materials they thought would work best.

Lincoln Square – St. Matthias

Evanston – Roycemore School







DIY Games

After looking at the objective and rules of some of our favorite Sprout Board Games, the Sprout kiddos created their own.  They had to come up with the design, materials needed and the rules of the game.  There was lots of collaboration and hard work put into this activity!  Some of the kids requested to keep working on them the following week and some requested to keep them at school or with Sprout so their friends could play them!

Lincoln Square

An intense game of soccer anyone!  These original soccer shirt pieces were made using plastic pony beads and a hot iron.  Roll the die, move forward.  The first one to the ball has possession but watch out for the defenders, they can steal the ball very quickly.

 Collect puzzle pieces along the way and put together a puzzle of an ALIEN!

This Maze will have you perplexed.  Just try to get past the dead ends

 A new version of Trouble with three ways to win!  Good luck getting there… there’s many obstacles in your way.

Roycemore School

Paper Airplane throw: The most points wins!

concentrating on the design elements! 

 Making game pieces with the 3D Pen

New Version of Monkey in the Middle: Monkey Bases!


The Sprout kids participated in the Ancient Japanese Art of Marbling: Suminagashi (墨 流 し). Suminagashi translates to mean “floating ink.”  The Sprout kids will participate in the creative process of marbling rice paper with water and ink to transform it into a masterpiece of vibrant colors.  This art form began in Japan as early as the 12 century.  Other types of marbling techniques have been found in cultures such as Turkey, Persia and throughout Europe.
This Science and Art project today, will have us focus on patience, fine motor skills, creativity, a calming sense of mind, and perseverance.
Lincoln Square


Back to Sprout! Sprout Challenges

The goal this week was to have the children engage in a hands on project where they had to work as a team to solve a series of problems.  Each group worked together even when presented with a few challenges on what the “riddles” were telling them.  It took trust, perseverance, team work, logic and understanding, working our fine motor skills, and most importantly, having fun!