Thanks to the creativity of Ana Dziengel at the Sprout kids and I were able to enjoy a great STEM activity!  Stixplosions!!! This activity allowed us to focus on patience, perseverance, fine motor skills, trying new things, exploration, applying knowledge, working with a partner, and following multistep directions. 

Build a Dam

After discussing the recent flooding that has occurred in parts of the U.S., the Sprout kids set to work on building a water dam to withhold the strong current of water about to take over their town.  We had some success in this activity but it was a really difficult.  Most had to really channelContinue reading “Build a Dam”

DIY Games

After looking at the objective and rules of some of our favorite Sprout Board Games, the Sprout kiddos created their own.  They had to come up with the design, materials needed and the rules of the game.  There was lots of collaboration and hard work put into this activity!  Some of the kids requested toContinue reading “DIY Games”


The Sprout kids participated in the Ancient Japanese Art of Marbling: Suminagashi (墨 流 し). Suminagashi translates to mean “floating ink.”  The Sprout kids will participate in the creative process of marbling rice paper with water and ink to transform it into a masterpiece of vibrant colors.  This art form began in Japan as earlyContinue reading “Suminagashi”

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