Shared Stories

Writing isn’t always an easy thing to do.  When we put our words on paper it can seem like we are wasting so much of our time to tell the story, sometimes just finding the perfect topic is tough, plus the fine motor control, spelling, punctuation, etc, etc can seem overwhelming and tedious!  So today in Sprout we shared our stories…. Each Sprouter took a turn adding detail to someone else’s story!  This was a fun and engaging way to teach the kiddos, story writing can be fun and unique.  Check out the fun we had below:img_3673img_3675img_3676



After discovering the history behind flags, and what the colors and symbols mean, the Sprout kids made their own flags representing their own interests and passions.




Also we had a great time welcoming a new Sprouter to our group and played a great game of headbands!


After a discussion on aerodynamics and circular motion, the Sprout kids made origami boomerangs!  Really hard work and so worth the end result.

The project was so hands on we didn’t grab our cameras to take pictures!  Thank you to Red Ted Art for your awesome step by step directions.

If you tried some interesting paper fliers please share with us in the comments.


We were able to grab our cameras today!  St. Matthias Sprout & Roycemore Sprout persevered with this complex origami fold.  Lots of fun!!!



This week we practiced our debating skills.  The Sprout kids were grouped in teams of 2-3 and they were given a topic to express which was better!  Then they were able to counter-argue.  They did a great job.


Political Parties

After looking at a timeline of how political parties came about, the Sprout kiddos talked about some important platforms and looked at some political posters.  Then they created their own political poster outlining what their party stood for.  They were able to create their own party name or create a poster for an existing political party.

Simple Machines

With Halloween on everybody’s mind, we took a look at simple machines and then used our knowledge of simple machines to figure out how we could trap and capture some of our favorite Halloween creatures: spiders and ghosts!  Take a look at these great STEM creations.

Halloween Slime

After talking about the properties of slime we created our own ooey-gooey substances!  Lots of spooky talk today!

Because of the incredible mess, there’s not so many pictures!  But I am sure you all saw the finished products:)