I’m bored!

How often do we hear this from our students?  I just heard it twice in a twenty-minute period.  Students are begging for a challenge.  Many students are looking for ways to move faster yet our system won’t allow this.  Too many teachers are afraid of the gaps.  Too many teachers are afraid to not getContinue reading “I’m bored!”

Rocks and Minerals

Our sprout classes were busy being geologists this past week.  They categorized their unknown rock and tested 8 subcategories of characteristics to determine which type of rock they had.  It was an interesting process and much learning to be had.

Sprout Story Writing

Sprout Story Writing We had a good time last week working on a community writing project. It was hard for some of the kiddos to stick to a storyline created by someone else and not reinvent the wheel but all in all, we learned some good lessons about elements of a story and listening toContinue reading “Sprout Story Writing”

Shared (speed) story writing

Shared Writing is hard! In our Sprout activity, the Sprouters went over story elements. Then they each began a story. After 5 minutes, we announced, “SWITCH!” then the person to their left had to pick up where they left off. Each story ended up being well developed and interesting (some said weird, lol). Even thoughContinue reading “Shared (speed) story writing”

Sprout Summer Camp 2019

It is crazy to think we are halfway through our summer program! It is going by too quickly. I have enjoyed each and every moment with my camp groups. Each week we have new campers join in a mix of campers that are with us all summer and some that stop by for a dayContinue reading “Sprout Summer Camp 2019”

Smash Books

This week in Sprout, we tackled big issues: OUR THOUGHTS!  Gifted kiddos often think and feel bigger than others.  They can be told they are too sensitive, you talk too much, you have too many opinions!  How frustrating for our kiddos! Our groups went round-robin style telling us quickly their random thoughts and feelings, LOL!Continue reading “Smash Books”

Student Request: Video Games

  Well, it happened. The request was made for a day of video games at Sprout… who would’ve thought!  So, of course, I had to comply. We began with a timeline – when, why, and what. Then we moved into a pros and cons list.  The pro side: They are fun!  They could be usedContinue reading “Student Request: Video Games”

Pop-up Books/Cards

  The Sprout kiddos learned pop-up book/card jargon! They looked at a variety of ways to take their artistic talents to a new level.    

What is happening with my gifted child in the classroom?

The school year is underway.  Supplies bought and sent off. The nerves of meeting your child’s new teacher have melted away.  New clothes for the first day and class photos worn out already. The buzz and excitement of the new school year has faded.   And now what? Each day your child comes home withContinue reading “What is happening with my gifted child in the classroom?”


Monday’s Sprout Class Tessellations!  Third time a charm… even though it was still a frustrating/abstract idea for some, we had many terrific outcomes.  Feelings of accomplishment and delight flew through our class today! One child commented, “It’s finally quiet in here!” LOL 🙂 We do have lots of energy in Sprout. This week, we exploredContinue reading “Tessellations”