Admissions and Registration

cropped-sprouticon1.pngEnrollment is open to gifted students from all over the Chicagoland area. Many students from different schools enroll at both locations.  All gifted children are welcome to apply.

cropped-sprouticon1.pngOur program is designed to bring like-minded, curious children together from Kindergarten through sixth grade!  Sprout Gifted is a place to engage in social, emotional and academic enrichment.  Our classes are two hours in length to give the students a chance to socialize in free play with board games, art projects and outside time and then we dive into a topic that will both challenge them and stimulate their intellectual interests.  The class sizes are small so our teachers can offer support and cultivate their curiosities.

cropped-sprouticon1.pngSprout Gifted after school classes are available for students currently in grades K-4/5.  Middle School students (5/6-8) are encouraged to participate too as Junior Assistants and they will be allowed to pursue their own passion projects as well as teach classes that they have high expertise and interests.  The after school program offers three sessions Fall, Winter, and Spring.

cropped-sprouticon1.pngEarly Childhood Sprout Gifted classes are available for students ages 3-5. The E.C. classes are 1.5 hours in length. All preschool students must be potty trained and independent.

cropped-sprouticon1.pngAdmissions for new Sprout students

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cropped-sprouticon1.pngAdmissions for Early Childhood Sprout

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