Yoga with Jackie Theibert!

Thank you Jackie for an amazing yoga class at Sprout!check out Jackie’s amazing work with our kiddos AND her amazing works of art!

Discovering a new species

Did you know that every year there are somewhere between 15,000 and 18,000 new species discovered? The sprout kids learned of some discoveries and how they are classified and then named. Did you know some new species are named after Star Wars characters!

Of course we had to make our own new creatures, classify and name them! #giftededucation #creativity #sprout

Alexander Calder

In my opinion, Calder is the guru of a STEAM project! Our kiddos worked very, very hard to make kinetic art today while imitating the delicate nature of balance and creativity that goes into these mobiles! Not many pictures because of how involved this project was but these kiddos were so happy with their finished projects!