The sprout Kids learned about bacteria and we tested a variety of objects for bacteria and then used a cleaning agent and tested it again. We will post daily pictures to see if we can grow bacteria in Petri dishes.

Day one – no growth.

New Species

We shared lots of information on living vs nonliving things, categorizing species, organisms, and incredible things that living things can do today! Then their creative juices flew with many new species and exciting names like a spider with a spiky tail, the ten foot creature with spikes and fangs, and so many more. Then came building and free choice time! Great fun in sprout today.

Discovering a new species

Did you know that every year there are somewhere between 15,000 and 18,000 new species discovered? The sprout kids learned of some discoveries and how they are classified and then named. Did you know some new species are named after Star Wars characters!

Of course we had to make our own new creatures, classify and name them! #giftededucation #creativity #sprout