Sprout Summer – Day Four

Today we combined our love for art with our love for math!  First, we started the day looking at a variety of polygon shapes.  We measured their sides and their angles using rulers and protractors.  Then we looked at a few books that showed us the difference between convex polygons and concave polygons.  Finally, we used tape to make straight lines that intersected at different angles to make a plethora of polygons.  I think the biggest we had was a 13-gon (triskaidecagon or tridecagon)! Then we found polygons with the same number of sides and painted those one color, found other polygons with the same number of sides and painted those another color, and so on and so forth. Finally, once the paint was fairly dry, we peeled the tape off to reveal a really cool piece of art!

During our project, we were inspired by some music!  Per one student’s request, we listened to Lindsey Stirling and we were entertained with lots of singing and dancing!

After our painting project, we enjoyed a snack and listened to a book about Leonardo Fibonacci.  The kids loved hearing how he came upon his pattern of numbers and we were even inspired to look through nature around us to find a Fibonacci number.

Finally, we came back inside to make a Fibonacci spiral.  I hope the kids will have time to color them at home and share the information we learned today.

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