After taking a look at a few images and hearing the same story from different points of view, the Sprout kids took a look at an image of a forest and drew from their perspective what they would do if they were in that picture.


Finger knitting

Learning new hobbies is a great way to expand a gifted student’s mind. Finger knitting is simple, incorporates fine motor control, inspires creativity, and can be relaxing!


The art of Origami is intriguing and challenging.  To push some of our kiddos out of their comfort zone and to enhance fine motor control, we made a few simple and then complex origami pieces.

Map Making

After seeing and learning about different types of maps and their importance, the Sprout kids made their own maps, some real and some fictional!IMG_4382


Zen Rock Gardens

Finding ways to relax can be difficult.  The Sprout kids made their own Zen Rock Gardens today to keep in their rooms and try to help them meditate.