Halloween Slime

After talking about the properties of slime we created our own ooey-gooey substances!  Lots of spooky talk today!

Because of the incredible mess, there’s not so many pictures!  But I am sure you all saw the finished products:)

Chromatography and Leaf Art

It was a fascinating class!  The kids began by collecting leaves both green and colored to see if we could extract the colors out of them.  While we waited the Sprout kids made leaf art based on the images from the book, “Look What I Did with a Leaf.”


The kids did a super job when making their own version of Yaacov Agam’s kinetic art forms come to life!  Take a look at the great work they did:

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HydroPower – Renewable Energy

After talking about renewable energy and hydropower in particular the Sprout kids made their own simple machine using water to pull up small objects.

Some of the kids were asking to see some videos of hydropower and how it works, please take a look at these videos:

Energy 101

The Three Gorges Dam

We were so busy working with the kiddos, we ran out of time for pictures:( wah wah!  If you took any at home, please forward them to me!!!

Cardinal Directions

After making homemade compasses and understanding the Earth’s magnetism that pulls the needle to the North, the Sprout kids followed cardinal directions to find their way to the ending point of their routes.  Then some of the Sprout kids made their own route for their peers to follow.

Lincoln Square– the rainy day led us to some interesting routes inside the old convent, lol.

Evanston – The Sprout kids were lucky to enjoy their “treasure hunt” outside with beautiful weather!


After talking about what does poetry mean to the kiddos, we read poems from children authors Shel Silverstein and Jack Pretlusky, along with collections that we pulled from the library.  The students listened to some of my favorite poems and we discussed how each was different from the next.  Then they split up with a partner and read from a few more books themselves.  Finally, they set off to write their own poetry.  In today’s lesson it was all about free form poetry and getting his/her ideas out on paper.  When they finished the poems, they had to illustrate it in someway, using any medium of art we had.

The final products were very creative and genuine.  Then we asked who would like to share with the group.  Surprisingly we had a few students share!  One of our students told the class at the end of a poetry read that we are suppose to snap our fingers not clap for the poem… Can you guess which one of your kiddos said that! LOL

It was a great day of poetry:)


Science of Character

Our focus today was really amazing!  We not only talked about all of our character strengths but we also watched a film.  Take a look at the inspiration for today’s activity: http://www.letitripple.org/films/science-of-character/

The Sprout kids really were engaged and participated in identifying their character strengths and honed in on character traits that they want to exemplify.  We agreed that having a Growth Mindset was better than a Fixed Mindset.  In order to continue to grow, we must accept failure and persevere through to the end.

St. Matthias: We didn’t have an opportunity to take pictures as Mr. Dan and I were too involved with the group playing the games and talking about how the games we played reflected the character traits we want to exhibit.  This group of kiddos are definitely full of humor!  We stopped a few times to think about how humor can affect others in a positive light and a negative light.  This was a great time to stop and think about how our actions affect other people’s characters too.  It was a really great lesson and lots of fun.


Take a look at the pictures from today!  After each game, we reflected on what character trait we used to participate in the game.  Take a look at the Periodic Table of Character Strengths



Thanks to the creativity of Ana Dziengel at babbledabbledo.com the Sprout kids and I were able to enjoy a great STEM activity!  Stixplosions!!!

This activity allowed us to focus on patience, perseverance, fine motor skills, trying new things, exploration, applying knowledge, working with a partner, and following multistep directions.