Sprout Gifted Services

  Welcome to Sprout Gifted Services!

Sprout Gifted classes are designed to bring together gifted, like-minded, curious children from First Grade through Middle School with options for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

We focus on socialization and emotional intensities, as well as academic curiosities.

Each class period is two hours to allow students time to socialize and delve deep into hands on projects.

Our class sizes are small so our teachers can offer support and cultivate their curiosities.

“Sprout has been a great way to challenge our son’s thinking on another dimension. It’s exciting to see his mind working when he comes home from sprout, and the ideas that he generates. It certainly challenges him in a different way that regular school cannot provide. Judy has been exceptional in helping us understand what young minds are capable of, and helping us unlock that hidden potential.”

Outside of the Box Thinking

“I do want to say Sprout is a great supplement after-school program to nurture the gifts Amir possesses.  Being in a small group environment and experiencing hands-on projects that reaches across all the multiple intelligences is exactly what he needed.  Due to scheduling conflicts, he has not been able to attend however, he enjoyed Sprout immensely and hopes to return soon!”

Missing Sprout…

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