Sprout Gifted Services

  Welcome to Sprout Gifted Services!

Sprout Gifted classes are designed to bring together gifted, like-minded, curious children from First Grade through Middle School with options for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

We focus on socialization and emotional intensities, as well as academic curiosities.

Each class period is two hours to allow students time to socialize and delve deep into hands on projects.

Our class sizes are small so our teachers can offer support and cultivate their curiosities.

“Participating in Sprout has provided valuable enrichment for both of my children. The topics are interesting and capture their attention, while challenging them to use both scientific reasoning and creative expression. Projects are multi-sensory and often active; no sitting still listening to a long lecture. They work with other children of varying ages, allowing them the chance to be peer-to-peer learners and teachers. I appreciate the breadth of subject areas and the opportunity for the kids to dive deep into each week’s topic. My children look forward to Sprout every week!”

Something to look forward to…

“Our son loves Sprout.  He enjoys the activities in addition to exploring the history / science or stories behind the content.  He can’t wait to share at the dinner table what he has created that day.  As a mom, I value how he is making friends that challenge him and provide new perspectives.”

Diverse & Challenging Learning

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