social, emotional, and academic enrichment for the gifted child

After school programs are offered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 3:15-5:15 Thursdays 3:45-5:45 Click here for more details

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Sprout Gifted classes are designed to bring together gifted, like-minded, curious children from First Grade through Middle School with options for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Each day your gifted child will focus on inspiring, exploratory projects that involve critical thinking, growth mindset, collaboration, and the creative process through open-ended STEAM activities, maker days, drama, storytelling, art, messy projects and lots of fun. Our goal for gifted students is to have a good struggle and learn how to fail, then persevere.   Through exciting, hands-on projects, the students work on common issues such as perfectionism, frustration, fine motor skills, cooperation, compromise, executive function skills, and abstract thought.


In our one to one tutoring sessions, we meet your child where he/she is and enrich his/her learning experience.

We work with you to understand your child’s strengths and challenges. Then we help you understand your choices for school.

We work with schools and teachers to identify gifted students and demonstrate how to meet the needs of all learners and enrich each students learning experience.