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Explore. Create. Invent.

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What is Sprout Summer Camp? 

Sprout Summer Camp is a three-hour program focusing on the social and emotional growth, and cognitive development of the gifted child.

By providing ample opportunities and enriching projects based on the gifted student’s curiosities, you will soon see that your gifted child has found a group of peers that she/he can feel comfortable with and share their vast talents. Because of our passion for gifted education, we look at many fields of learning from art, growth mindset, science, drama, writing, math, and social studies. The possible areas that we study are endless. We provide opportunities for individual work and collaboration with peers. We give Sprout participants chances to share their work and even teach about topics that interest them.

Each day of camp will focus on inspiring, exploratory projects that are open-ended and involve critical thinking, growth mindset, collaboration, and the creative process.  Projects are inspired by the student’s interests and curiosities about how things work and evolve.

cropped-sprouticon1.png Sprout Camp at Roycemore School in Evanston

Sprout Summer Camp will be held from 8:30-11:30am at Roycemore School the following weeks:

cropped-sprouticon1.pngJune 25-29

cropped-sprouticon1.pngJuly 9-13

We will utilize the space at Alexander Park to soak in the outdoors.  Click HERE to register for Sprout Summer in Evanston.  Extended Day until 6pm is available through Roycemore School:

cropped-sprouticon1.pngSummer Camp 2018 in Lincoln Square

Sprout Summer Camp will be held from 9am-noon in Lincoln Square on St. Matthias School’s campus the following weeks:

cropped-sprouticon1.pngJune 11-15

cropped-sprouticon1.pngJune 18-21 (no camp Friday, June 22)

cropped-sprouticon1.pngJuly 23-27 (Extended Day option until 3pm)

We will utilize the space at Winnemac Park to soak in the outdoors.  Click HERE to register for Sprout Summer!

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Sprout Gifted Services strives to help create a community for gifted youth and their families.

Sprout Gifted offers an after-school and summer program for gifted children.  Our program is designed to help gifted children discover their talents and become comfortable using them. We hope to enrich the lives of gifted youth through socialization with other like-minded children. In addition to the social aspect, there are planned creative, open-ended, challenging, and unique activities, to stimulate and engage the gifted child’s mind in many diverse disciplines.

Through these programs, we become a support system for the families of gifted children.  We offer resources to aid in the understanding of gifted minds and we are dedicated to each child’s educational goals both in Sprout and in the classroom.

By providing infinite opportunities and enriching projects based on the gifted student’s curiosities, you will soon see that your gifted child has found a group of peers that she/he can feel comfortable with and share their vast talents.  The Sprout teachers are passionate about gifted education so, week to week, we look at many fields of learning from art, growth mindset, science, drama, writing, math, and social studies.  The possible areas that we study are endless.  We provide opportunities for individual work and collaboration with their peers.  We give the Sprout students chances to share their work and even teach about topics that interest them.

With our small class sizes, our goal is to provide the gifted child with the freedom to explore their interests and open themselves up to a challenge in a risk-free environment.  Take a look at our blog to see what the Sprout kiddos have been up to!

We encourage you to come see our program in action!  When a Sprout student walks through our doors, they know they have found a place where they belong.  Trial classes are encouraged.  We want your student to get the most out of our program and feel comfortable when they are with us.

cropped-sprouticon1.pngFamily Connectionscropped-sprouticon1.png

We work with families to advocate for quality programming in their schools, connect them with other families of gifted children, and seek to understand how to maintain a sense of security and balance the challenges both at home and school.

cropped-sprouticon1.png Sprout Early Childhood in Lincoln Squarecropped-sprouticon1.png

We are excited to be offering classes for Gifted children ages 4 and 5 years old.  If you are interested in forming an EC gifted group on Mondays from 1:00-2:30 or Fridays from 1:00-2:30 OR 3:00-4:30, please fill out the admissions form by clicking HERE.

Fall Classes in Lincoln Square and Evanston will be open soon for registration 

Classes for students K-5 are Monday & Wednesday 3:30-5:30 in Lincoln Square and Tuesday & Thursday 3:15-5:15 in Evanston. See admissions for specific dates, times, and pricing.  Email if you are interested in Fall registration.

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Spcropped-sprouticon1.pngrout Gifted has been operating in the Chicagoland area for over ten years. The program was created after observing a void in the educational system to best understand the gifted child’s social, emotional, and academic needs. Gifted children’s asynchronous emotional behavior often leaves them feeling excluded or at a loss with how to interact with peers. Their extraordinary academic behavior leaves them feeling bored in school, as they thirst for knowledge in greater depth and breadth.cropped-sprouticon1.png

Our classes are currently being held in Lincoln Square in Chicago and in Evanston.



Each class period is approximately two hours in length. The teachers are there with the children in a small group setting to stimulate their inquisitive minds and inspire them to persevere through challenges. cropped-sprouticon1.png



cropped-img_1506.jpgSometimes the project might fail, however, they are encouraged to be receptive to new ideas, and keep investigating solutions. We want to set the gifted child up for challenges and life lessons that will take them beyond the classroom and into the real world. With our small group setting and low teacher to student ratio, the gifted child is sure to find his/her voice and explore to his/her fullest potential.cropped-sprouticon1.png

Who We Are


Judy Wahl, Owner & Program Director

Judy has been an educator for more than 15 years.  She received her BA in Elementary Education from Loras College.  In addition to owning Sprout Gifted, Judy is an educational consultant.  She currently works with Roycemore School as their gifted coordinator.  She works with other schools in the Chicagoland area as well, providing Professional Development and Curriculum support. Recently, she has presented on Gifted Education in the Early Childhood classroom at the IAGC conference.

Prior to Sprout, she taught in Early Childhood and Elementary classes and was also an Academic cropped-sprouticon1.pngDirector at an EC academy.  In these positions, she had opportunities to interface with parents, provided curriculum support, and help develop enrichment programs for EC and elementary students.  She continues to be passionate about support for families as they navigate the school system.

Judy has always strived to understand the dynamic character of gifted children and has continued to educate herself on gifted education.  She is a proud mother of a gifted son who attends an RGC in Chicago.  Judy is excited about using her teaching experience, combined with her parenting, to work with the Sprout kids and continue to grow the program!


Judy is a SENG facilitator.  If you are interested in a SENG parent group, please contact Judy directly,

Judy also offers private tutoring sessions for both academic support and enrichment and is cropped-sprouticon1.pngavailable to schools and home schools for consulting purposes and professional development.

Please contact Judy for more information or if you would like us to put
you in touch with parents of children who currently attend Sprout, cropped-sprouticon1.pngplease email


Meet our STAFF!cropped-sprouticon1.png

Fannie Photo

Fannie is a student at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy who is studying Human Development. She is also an aspiring elementary school teacher who spends her free time seeking out opportunities to be inside of the classroom.

Fannie is passionate about personalizing education as much as possible in order to help students learn best. She is excited to be working with Sprout because it empowers kids to take an initiative of their own curiosity.

Korinne is a student of Loyola University Chicago, studying English and Secondary Education. After observing the different types of gifted children in her own life, she DSC00455became involved with Sprout. She aims to ensure that every student, no matter what they struggle with, can find what they’re passionate about. Outside of Sprout, Korinne enjoys spending time with her family and friends, swimming at the beach,  and reading as many books as she can. She is so thankful to be part of an organization that not only helps children understand themselves, but teaches her something new every class!